Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Camping Trip and Fort Knox

Sean Mack, Michael Jachowicz, Adrienne Huang, Joseph Friedman, Coach Meserve, Alexander Michaels
Michael Jachowicz, Joseph Friedman, Sean Mack, Adrienne Huang, Coach Meserve, Alexander Michaels
Adrienne Huang
Michael Jachowicz, Joseph Friedman, Adrienne Huang, Sean Mack, Alexander Michaels 
Adrienne Huang, Michael Jachowicz, Alexander Michaels, Coach Meserve, Sean Mack, Joseph Friedman
Alexander Michaels, Adrienne Huang
Michael Jachowicz

Adrienne Huang and Michael Jachowicz

The Wolverines at Bald Pate, South Bridgton

Sean Mack with Dexter and Michael Jachowicz
Coach Meserve and Alexander Michaels

Alexander Michaels, Andrew Ayotte, Sean Mack, Russell Bloom, Michael Jachowicz with Dexter